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While working in Cognito India I used to make social media posts, reels, and many more things for Navrachna University. All the creatives were made by me from the base idea to the final creative. For the part of the reels I used to make the screens and they had a special team for video editing so my colleague Mayank used to edit them. I used as much as freedom I can take to design the creatives and used different approaches for the posts.

World wildlife day 2-3-22-01.jpg
sardar patel jayanti-02.jpg
International coffee day R1-01.jpg
carousel post on architecture-01.jpg
Indian air force day-01.jpg
world water day-02.jpg

Carousel Post

Human Rights Day-01.jpg
Human Rights Day-02.jpg
Human Rights Day-03.jpg
Human Rights Day-06.jpg
Human Rights Day-07.jpg
NUV international literacy day post revised.jpg
NUV website promotion Post 3-07.jpg
basant panchami-01.jpg


Carousel Post (2).gif (1).gif

Then I also made some options for the admission campaign where our hero was the QR code which took the scanner to the admission page of NUV, so I tried to integrate the QR code into the field NUV offered.

Qr code ads 6-5-22 2-02.jpg
Qr code ads 6-5-22 2-03.jpg
Hoarding 2.jpg
Hoarding 4.jpg
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