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Here are some social media posts I created while working in cognito, All the creatives were made by me from the base idea to the final creative. For Surya Palace, I used their logo creatively and made festive posts out of it as you can see I used the m and made 75 out of it which shows we are spreading the colors of joy. For Navratri, I made a ghagra of a girl from the logo, for Onam I made a window from the circle of the logo which shows water, and made a boat from the end of M. I made this as their brand guideline for social media posts.

Surya Palace Independence day-01.jpg
Surya palace ganesh chaturthi.jpg
Surya palace Navratri-01.jpg
doctors day-01.jpg
Surya Palace onam greetings post revised-01.jpg
womens day-01.jpg
Republic day-01.jpg
Surya Palace diwali.jpg
Ram Navmi-03.jpg

As the feed was becoming too cluttered and many different colors were being seen, I developed a color scheme based on this color scheme all the posts were made after that so that there was continuity in the feed and these color schemes became the brand colors.

Post color options-07.png
Post color options-08.png
Post color options-06.png
Post color options-10.png
Post color options-09.png
ram navami-01.png
Pharmacist day R-01.png
Teachers day buffet post-03.jpg
Enginering day-02.png

The Highlight Post

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