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Ri Capital is a startup that deals in the stock market, mutual funds, etc. It helps to create wealth in the long run. Following the trend Is their core strength. They want to keep things simple for their clients and have deep knowledge, research, and practice at the core. They wanted an old-school type of logo with some specific elements in it like a rupee symbol or Their name initial R, some icons related to the stock market, and a color palette was specific which was based on green. so I created a logo using the circle of life, an R which also looks like a rupee, and an R in Hindi, and used the candle bars In a circular format to show the concept of what goes around comes around. And made it look like a coin.
Logo animation-02.png
Logo animation-03.png
Logo animation-04.png

Stock Market is

also like a vortex

it pulls you in

Logo animation-05.png
Logo animation-06.png
Falling Business Card Mockup.png
Logo animation-07.png
Logo animation-08.png
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